Sunday, 1 April 2012

DigitalMarketingContest2012:Latest Digital News

Latest DigitalMarketing News:

HTC Goes All-In on 'One' Phone in Battle With Apple, Samsung

Taiwanese electronics firm put huge resources behind new phone in TV ads, its "biggest single campaign by far."

Twitter Week in Review: HootSuite's Top 10 Trends, Mar. 22-29

It's the return of our weekly chart of trending topics, brands and memes on Twitter, thanks to a partnership with HootSuite and What the Trend.

Business Insider Hires Its First Chief Revenue Officer

Former Federated Media CMO Pete Spande, whose relationship with Business Insider goes back several years, will concentrate on ad sales and marketing targeting options.

So What if Only 1% of Facebook Fans 'Engage'?

In social, "engagement" is another word for "click," which is a bad way to measure brand advertising on the web.
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Why Path Will Survive Its Privacy Scandal: Great Design

Without ads and clutter from unknown friends, my Path posse delivers what really matters to me.
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DigitalMarketingContest2012:Facebook Timeline

In 2012 Digital Marketing world has many updates. Facebook Timeline is one of the important update in digitalmarketing 2012
It’s only been three weeks since Facebook’s announcement of  Timeline for brands.  So far the results are looking very positive.  A study from Simply Measured, a social analytics and reporting company,  revealed that Timeline has increased fan engagement, content engagement & photo & video engagement for brands.  Timeline for brands allows for a much more visual display for content, photos and videos:

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Thursday, 29 March 2012

DigitalMarketingContest2012:SEO Steps

14 steps to successful SEO
1.           Content is King.
Content is the king in DigitalMarketing world in 2012
Google’s goal is to match each search query with the best, unique content.

That can come from any site / author. (obviously has advantage over

But: the best content wins in the long term.
It’s that simple :)

2.           Keyword Portfolio.
What queries do you want to target? Considerations:

   - How realistic & relevant is the query?
   - Will target customers search it?
         - Is there enough volume for that query?
         - Is it already too competitive?
         - Who is the competition: big brands?
Once you target queries, build a corresponding keyword portfolio.

3.            Findability.
Content is King….
But Google has to be able to find it!

Best practices:
         - Link to content from high ranking / traffic pages
   - Feature mix of popular, recent & ‘random’ content
         - Create topical hubs, guides, and lists
         - Leverage header, footer and/or sidebars
         - Update robots.txt (overview coming, #4)
         - Create Google Sitemap (overview coming, #11)

4.           Accessibility.
- Not all content should be accessible to search engines.
- Robots.txt files declare what should / shouldn’t be crawled.
- Note: it’s a public file. Anyone can see what sections you ‘hide’.

5.           URL Structure.
URLs are as important as the text!
Should be descriptive and reflect the content.

6.           Page Titles & Headers.
Similar strategy to URL structure:

1. Remember your query goal / keyword mix
2. URL + Page Title + Header should be related
3. Short and crisp > long and descriptive
     extra words are dilutive!
4. Headers should read like a newspaper:
   - most important (H1) go atop
   - declines left-to-right and top to bottom
7.           Meta Tags.
- Less important than URLs, Titles and Headers…
- But meta tags are easy, small wins and can impact conversions by improving search result content:

8.           Anchor Tags.
Anchor Tags are important for two reasons:
   1. They’re hyperlinks so they improve findability
   2. They give context to links

The same keyword targeting / optimization should apply to anchor tags as it does to URL, Title, Headers, Metas.

9.           Google Sitemaps
Google Sitemaps are automated feeds that alert Google of new, updated content.
Particularly useful for:
  - large amounts of content (i.e. Yelp locations)
  - dynamic content (i.e. eBay listing pages)
  - tough-to-crawl sites (i.e. search driven, lots of AJAX)
Improves findablity and crawling.
…but does not affect rankings.

10.      Indexing Images
Images are integrated into core search & in Google Images
Use Alt Tags to optimize images for surrounding target keyword(s)…
and to provide another route to accessing that demand:
<img src=”URL.gif” alt=”shawn marion” title=”shawn marion dallas mavericks”/>

11.      Blogging (Wordpress)
Blogging is a tremendously powerful. And under-utilized.
Wordpress is a great tool for SEO, traffic acquisition.

- install All in One SEO Pack Plugin
- make sure site “visibility” & “pingomatic” are on
- Optimize URL permalinks (per step #5!)

12.      Adopt New Media, New Formats
Search results pages continue to change.
Google wants the most relevant and current content & formats.
It’s your advantage to be a first-mover and to adopt new platforms & formats:
- Social: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc
- Local: Yelp, Google Places, etc
- Images & media: ie YouTube
13.      Track, Track, Track.
Look at the data to determine what’s working & what to target:
-               Referring queries
-               Rankings for those keywords
-               Your competitors rankings
-               Related keywords, queries
-               Breakdown by source / search engine
Tools: Google Analytics, KISSmetrics, SEOmoz, Seobook

14.      Bounce Rate.
Traffic from search is usually a first time visit.
You must also optimize for retention, conversion.

The landing page must be descriptive, welcoming and actionable.

SEO is top of the funnel.
Reducing bounce means increasing conversion.

Digitalmarketingcontest2012seo: Facebook

Facebook Demographics: Trends
Data Description
·         Active Users by
              Location (IP Address)
             User supplied demographics: age, gender, etc.
·         Data from 5/21/2008 – present
·         Source:

Active Users
·         193+ million worldwide
·         - F (51%), M (45%)
Major Regions
Users By Region
Europe - Active Users By Country
Europe - Active Users By Age Group

Sunday, 25 March 2012

DigitalMarketingContest2012 | Trends

In the past decade there are rapid changes in the field of Digital Marketing. In 2012 there are many changes in Digital Marketing world.
They are:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
Google’s recent panda updates results in the change of strategies in SEO. Content will trump craftiness is the recent update in Digtial Marketing World in 2012.

Influencer Management:
Influencer Management, a new kind of celebrity is born. Influencer management is a new trend in the Digital Marketing Field in 2012.

Mobile and Tablet:
First time in the history of Digital Computing world Tablet Sales has overcome Desktop sales in 2012. Now a days usage of mobiles and tablets became more. This is the most important trend in the field of Digital Marketing in 2012.

Facebook trend is going like anything. The usage of facebook is growing very rapidly. This is one of the most important update in the field of Digital Marketing World in 2012.

Viral Videos is the latest trend in-terms of Publicity. It has became a most popular form of branding. Many top companies are following this. It has became an most important trend in the field of Digital Marketing World.

Internationalization and Localization:
Many Countries, multiple Languages, Various religions, Different types of people and how can we reach them. This is the question which top Companies use to get. So, Globalization and localization is the most popular trends in Digital Marketing World in 2012.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

DigitalMarketingContest2012 | McDonald’s HashTag

DigitalMarketing |McDonald’s HashTag|2012


McDonald’s last time campaign with #McDstories failed to reach their fans to spread their business. But consumers used this to share their McDonald’s horror stories like bad reviews about product. So this way it didn’t helped McDonald’s to reach their fans because of poor Digitalmarketing Strategies in that contest.


Now they are gonna start one new digtial Marketing campaign in April 2012 by using a hashtag called #Shamrocking. This shamrocking is a new product going to launch by McDonald’s. In this campaign they are gonna use some good digital markeing Contest strategies to promote their product. Atleast this time we will wish good luck to McDonald’s.

Friday, 16 March 2012

DigitalMarketing | world | 2012


     1.       Location Services


              Location feature enables customer specific area services. It will reach all types of cutomers throught the                world.

2.       New Ad Formats

The next huge change in the world of digital marketing world in 2012 is New Ad formats. These Ad formats are user specific.

3.       User-Generated Curation

Another big change in 2012 user generated curation in digital marketing.

4.       Advertise by Format

Most important factor here is advertise by format it engages all types of customers.

5.       Integrated Marketing

              The another big change is integrated marketing in 2012 digital marketing world